Kim Dillon

I grew up in California, Alaska, and then landed in Arkansas for most of my life.  I went to school in central Arkansas and worked in Benton for 15 years and now live near and work in Fort Smith.  I adore our city and surrounding communities and wouldn’t live anywhere else.

I have been working in the insurance industry since 1989.  For the last fifteen years, I’ve been with the Berryhill Insurance Team where I wear many hats.  My job title would include Office Manager, Senior Sales Associate Agent (not because of my age LOL), and Commercial Sales Specialist.

It’s my pleasure to serve and help our members to keep their insurance costs down but maintain their coverage and I take pride in establishing a relationship with them.  To me, they are part of our family.

Now that my children are all grown and have started their own families, I love spending time with my grandchildren.  They help me in the garden and we love to spend time playing in the pool.  They are my JOY!

In my spare time, my husband and I love to explore.  We fish, rummage through antique shops, and take the grandchildren to a cave, creek, or museum.  In the cooler months, we bowl in a bowling league. We also travel to Alaska occasionally to spend time with my mother’s side of the family and I’m proud of my Athabascan Indian heritage.

When I’m not working and at home, I love to work in the yard and garden.  I also love to cook for the family and preserve our harvest.  To relax in the late evenings we love to watch movies and eat popcorn.

I’m a very family-oriented person and I spend some time each week helping care for my younger siblings with Huntington’s Disease (Donate to HDSA, Help For Today, Hope For Tomorrow).